Hey everyone!

We’re almost a month into our opening and we’re more than excited about the response we’ve gotten so far. It’s been a blast meeting all our escapees and seeing them solve our puzzles.

Thank you for all the support, especially during our jam-packed grand opening event! Today, we’d like to introduce you to our third theme: Presidential Assassin! This room will be available starting May 1st and you can start booking NOW! For this opening, we’d like to thank everyone by giving a discount. If you book a game at Time Escape Seattle for May 1st with a group of at least 6, one player gets free entry! Book quickly before all the day’s slots run out 🙂

Here’s the story behind this theme:

“The day has come for the inauguration ceremony. However, the government’s protective services has been tipped off the plans of an assassination, putting the president’s life on the line. It has been revealed that one of our secret agents has recently joined an infamous terrorist organization, fighting to throw the country into chaos.

Your job is to seek out this double agent, find the information to prove him guilty, and wipe him out before the assassination takes place. It’s you and your team’s race against time to save your president, along with your country!”

You can book Presidential Assassin here: https://timeescape.com/book-seattle/

(pick May 1st as your booking date)

We can’t wait for you to try it!

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