Escape Room Vancouver

Very Hard

Available Locations:



Our enemies have now launched a full-scale galactic attack on Time Escape headquarters. The enemy proves to be much more formidable than anticipated. With our main flank annihilated, it is up to you and your crew aboard the P.E.A Excalibur, our vanguard spacecraft to fend off the remaining enemy forces.

After hours of a relentless onslaught from a new kind of enemy weaponry, our ammunition has been nearly exhausted and all but one of our main shield generators have been destroyed leaving the Excalibur vulnerable. With the remaining generator obsolete from sustained damage, no power is available to the ship, leaving your captain trapped in the cockpit with little means of communication. Reinforcement and supplies are on its way but will not reach us in time before the enemy regroups and unleashes another devastating attack. Our only means of winning this war is leading a counterattack with the Excalibur still intact as our vanguard.

Luckily, there is still hope. You and your team must manually bypass the safeguards and access all rooms to recover the four plutonium ions to activate the black-matter generators, which will provide power to the ship and activate Excalibur’s defense system.

Time is of the essence as the enemy fleet is planning to regroup and destroy the Excalibur while its shields are still down! Failure is not an option! Without the Excalibur, the enemy forces will obliterate the remainder of our armies and we will be forced to surrender.