Goodbye Haunted Cabin! Vancouver Escape Room Games

Thank you for all the supporters that came out to play The Haunted Cabin @ Time Escape Vancouver this past weekend! It’s time to say goodbye to The Haunted Cabin, which is now no longer available at our Vancouver location. We are working to flip our escape rooms faster, so check back regularly to see which new theme will be replacing it! Miss The Haunted Cabin already? Drop by and come give one of our

Kick Start the Summer @ Time Escape! Escape Room Game

Exams are finally over for university and college students! In fact, the semester is finally done!!! What now? Suddenly have a lot of time on your hands and looking for something to do? Look no further! Come into Time Escape today to play an escape room game (or two)! Browse through our themes here and find the one that’s right for you and your group of friends. Make sure you book online or call us

3 Ways Escape Rooms Can Improve Yourself

Escape Games Strategy Tips 3 Ways Escape Rooms Can Improve Yourself There’s one thought that sits in the back everyone’s mind at some point in time: “How can I improve myself?”. If you have looked at different ways you could do that, you might find that it’s sometimes…boring. For example, you may find an article about using a day-planner to plan everything, or even making personal deadlines for small tasks, but the problem with this